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English @ Oxford
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Client comment

All the team understood our expectations very well. You customised our training, you supported and coached us for our business visits that you organised. I have spent a very good time with you in Oxford, and my English is certainly better now!

L-BB, France

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e@o's Philosophy

e@o provides learning solutions that are tailored to the individual. Courses are made for you so that you can learn the way you want to.

e@o believes that both teachers and clients thrive in an atmosphere which is professional, friendly and supportive. We want teachers to share our enjoyment of teaching and learners to share our enjoyment of learning. Good pay and working conditions for staff are an essential part of this.

e@o believes that the Internet and other new technologies are revolutionizing the way people can learn. e@o incorporates these technologies into its course programmes to provide a complete learning experience.

e@o donates money to Oxfam, an Oxford-based charity.
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30 Polstead Road
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Business English teaching and coaching for European clients