Coming to Oxford is an experience.

Your 1-1 programme is designed especially for you. Apart from your two trainers and the e@o staff, you will have multiple opportunities to use your English, at lunch with your teacher, during our evening social activities, at your hotel or host family, meeting other European managers, and visiting British companies. And Oxford has a lot to offer…

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Enjoying the lovely outside meeting space

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Much of your learning takes place in our warm, comfortable classrooms.

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Accommodation & food

With a choice of homestay or 4* hotels in Oxford, we also spoil you with excellent restaurants… Read more...

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Oxford is buzzing with culture and industry, and we tailor outings and social activities to your own interests. Read more…

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Case Study

Your English learning experience begins as soon as you reach the UK. Read more...

e@o Client Profile


"I really improved my ability to give medical lectures in English, to take part in discussions and to write emails and letters....colleagues were amazed about my presentations and my pronunciation!" 


Simone, 45, Paediatrician, Germany



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