1. How has your English training helped you?

As a specialized doctor I have to give lectures not only in my mother tongue but also in English. Good English skills are also required for writing abstracts or articles, getting in contact with other doctors via email or phone, or just having a chat with them at an international congress. 

I started my university career with only basic English skills. In order to change that slightly embarrassing situation, I have attended six English language courses in three different countries within the last 10 years with good progress. I spent the last three training courses at English@Oxford, which gave me a big step forward regarding my English skills. I brought lectures and Power Point presentations and other medical documents with me. 

The training was really tailored to my particular needs. So, I really improved my ability to give medical lectures in English, to take part in discussions and to write emails and letters. Especially my intensive 1:1 English courses at this school have changed a lot regarding my courage to use English actively in business and private situations. Moreover, colleagues were amazed about my presentations and my pronunciation with a fine Oxford accent. 

2. What do you particularly like about the teaching methods, the content of the lessons, the materials used and rapport with the teacher?

Apart from the professional, patient and open-hearted attitude of all teachers at English@Oxford, I particularly liked that they were listening to my needs. 

They really focussed on my special medical subject and did not lose time with general medical English, which I had experienced in other schools years before. 

I liked the teaching methods, which were in my case focussed on conversation and analysis of typical pronunciation and grammar mistakes. It was nice to stay at such a specialized school with only adult students from different countries and occupational areas. The atmosphere was private and professional but never turbulent or noisy as it is often in schools with large groups of younger attendees. 

I also like the option to stay in contact with teachers after the course in case of specific language problems i.e. for a CV or abstract which needs to be checked by a professional. 


3. What were your impressions of your week in Oxford?

Oxford is a beautiful city where it is just nice to stay for some weeks and to get inspired by the flair of academic life. Even though 6 hours 1:1 lessons are hard brain work, I always came back home not only trained, but also relaxed.

Case Study

Simone, 45, paediatrician, from Germany

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