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If you would like to improve your English, but don't have the time for face-to-face lessons, our e-learning product, e@o-Manager is a perfect solution. You can also use it to follow up your learning after your course with us.

e@o-Manager provides topical and stimulating exercises from the business world, including listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing and reading practice. You also have the opportunity to get individualised corrections from your teacher in Oxford.

e@o-Manager is aimed at learners of intermediate level and above. Lessons are classified according to their difficulty and you can either work through a whole unit or choose to practise one aspect of your English at a time (listening, reading, speaking, grammar etc.).

There is also a glossary of key business vocabulary. Your answers and progress are recorded in your personal progress record.
These are the things you can do on e@o-Manager:

• hear up-to-date stories from the world of business and current affairs
• build your business and general vocabulary
• eliminate errors from your grammar
• improve your pronunciation
• write or speak your views on a range of topics
• get individualised correction from highly qualified teachers

Client Comment

Lessons were very well focused on my needs which were well understood. Good content, good learning environment and very nice people!

MJ Croatia

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