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To make your stay in Oxford a complete success, we take pride in the cultural and social activities that we organise. This includes a walking tour of Oxford at the start of your week, visits to libraries, museums and art galleries. We also take you to visit the University of Oxford colleges and to attend some of their events. Evenings at the theatre and concerts are very popular.

If you have any particular interests or hobbies, we try to include these activities in your social programme.

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The city of Oxford boasts one of the most famous and beautiful universities in the world. Oxford's celebrated history and stunning architecture attracts students and tourists from every part of the globe.

Oxford doesn't have a central university campus. Instead, the 38 university colleges are scattered throughout the city centre. Some of the colleges were founded as early as the thirteenth century and others are much more modern. English @ Oxford is situated in the centre of Oxford, close to restaurants, museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, concert halls and, of course, pubs. This vibrant university city, with its international student community, is an inspiring place to learn English.
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Client comment

Many thanks for all the English @ Oxford team's work. The most important thing for me is that I feel much better with my English. I appreciated very much all the social and outside class activities.

J-L C, Germany

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